Powered Mobile Pallet Racking

Powered Mobile Pallet Racking

Powered mobile pallet racking comprises adjustable pallet racking secured onto steel framed bases. The base is a diagonally braced structure incorporating sets of wheels. Driven by electric motors, each mobile base runs on a track set into the floor. Varying rack configurations, wheel types and configurations are available to enable single bay loads of up to 15 tonnes and run lengths of up to 30 metres. The pallet racking comprises vertical end frames that support horizontal beams. The beams, connected to the frames, are adjustable in the height to accommodate varying height unit loads and to enable future changes. The beam connector and safety clip is specifically designed to eliminate structural distortion, an effect caused when racks move, and beams accidentally dislodging. Up to 80% of the floor area can be used for storage and still allowing access to individual pallets. Mobile pallet racking offers is a high-density storage option with single unit accessibility.

The concept of mobile racking is simple. One or more runs of pallet racking move along the tracks to create a gangway between two rack faces. Using a conventional forklift truck, unit loads can be easily loaded or removed. A local control panel fixed to the end of the rack or a remote console controls rack movement. Alternatively, truck operators can instigate rack movement with a radio-controlled transmitter.

Safety is paramount in and around a mobile pallet racking installation. Sophisticated safety and warning systems prevent rack operation when personnel are working in active gangways.

Key Features of Mobile Pallet Racking.
Floor Space Utilisation – Excellent. Up to 80%.
Speed of Throughput – Reasonable. Planned picking programmes enable loads within areas to be picked at the same time.
Stock Rotation – Easily achieved.
Selection and Order Picking – Very good. All individual loads are accessible.
Stock Variability – Standard pallets can hold different goods.
Safety of Goods –  Very good. All pallets are individually supported in the rack. With only  one gangway, product security is an added bonus.
Handling Equipment – Any conventional truck.

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