Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving – The Principle

Compared with a conventional static shelving installation, mobile shelving can save up to 50% of your floor space or increase capacity by as much as 100% in the same footprint.


Mobile Shelving – The Market

In city centre offices where floor space is at a premium and expensive, a cost-effective mobile shelving system will maximise your storage capacity. Mobile shelving has been installed into a many and varied market sectors including:
Hospitals – medical supplies / medical records / X-ray files
Offices – filing / documents / stationery
Museums – artefacts / archives
Education – filing / documents / student records / reference libraries / stationery
Libraries – reference books / long-term storage / archives / sound and visual media


Mobile Shelving – The  Details

DECOR END PANELS – A choice of attractive end panels to fit into your environment
HAND WHEELS – Futuristic wheel design with warning light that illuminates during operation
END STOPS – Concealed end stops do not protrude above the floor level
LOW PROFILE BASE – Extendable and modular, low profile base system can be reduced in length, extended or easily relocated
LOW PROFILE ADJUSTABLE TRACKS – 38mm high with adjustable levelling
NO FLOOR FIXINGS – Your mobile shelving installation can be extended or relocated with ease
RAMP – Stylish aluminium ramp up to low level profile flooring
DRIVE MECHANISM – Gearing configuration to enable heavy loads or longer bases to be moved effortlessly


Mobile Bases – The Workings

A 30mm x 30mm x 3mm inwardly lipped C-section, high tensile, running track is set into an outer track that houses the levelling mechanism and the floorboard support. Tracks are 1500mm or 2000mm modules to facilitate track lengths to the nearest 500mm

Inset floor panels have a non-slip wear resistant covering

The hand wheel is connected to the gearing mechanism. Using the appropriate gearing ratio, the force required to move the base and the acceleration can be controlled. As a guide, with a 3:1 ratio the effort required to move 1000kgs is only 0.3kg

One of our experienced Project Engineers will personally manage your contract. Their role is to carry out a detailed site survey, produce layout drawings to help you visualise your new mobile shelving layout and to supervise the installation.

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