Choosing an Office Fit Out Company

Choosing an Office Refurbishment Company

There are many office refurbishment companies out there that offer many different services that can help you achieve your dream workspace, however, knowing which one is right for you when choosing the right company to work with can be difficult with so many different choices out there.

We are sharing some tips on finding the perfect office refurbishment company to help you bring your office design plans to life.


Finding a company to work with that aligns with your own business values will put you in a great position to have a great working relationship and understanding when developing your office design plans.

Often when you work with a company that has similar values you will find that there is a much better understanding of precisely what you want to achieve and can even add further knowledge or experience in the values you want to incorporate into your design, which can help you to develop an even better working environment when you work together to create the space.


When you undertake an office fit out project there often a number of variables and services you will need over the course of the journey to finalising the plans and completing the end goal.

With that being said, finding a company that can offer high quality across the board when it comes to implementing your plans and bringing the ideas to life by carrying out a number of services and installing products, is highly important to ensure you get the very best outcome in your efforts.

A company that can meet the demands and needs over your project and are willing to make changes and add services to your refurbishment should you need them without any hassle, is a company you want to work with.


Working with a company who has experience in putting together office designs similar to the one your business wants to create is a great choice that can really benefit what you want to achieve.

A good indicator to really research what your desired company has achieved in the past is by finding or asking for case studies on projects they have developed in the past, however, it can also be beneficial to work with less experienced companies too.

Whilst some businesses will opt for the most experienced companies they can find, using a start-up can put you in a great position to achieve your office design dreams too, as the newer company may be wanting to impress and will use your project as an opportunity to show off their talents to earn the positive experience they need to get further projects on the books.


No two company’s processes will be the same so finding a company who has a process that suits your business is essential for having a good working relationship and ultimately a great finish on your office fit out.

Choosing a company that has a transparent process will also be beneficial to your business, making sure you are involved every step of the way is imperative and will ensure that you are working together to get the best possible outcome on the project.

The Redditch Partitions & Storage Co. Ltd. has built a reputation UK-wide for quality and outstanding service dedicated to six key qualities – Design, Quality, Cost, Dependability, Workmanship and Timing.

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Incorporating Sustainability into Office Design

Incorporating Sustainability into Office Design

Incorporating sustainability into your office design is a popular option that is something we have seen more and more of in 2022, and can be massively beneficial to your company.

Many businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious and even more so conscious of the footprint their company leaves behind, and for that reason sustainability in the workplace is becoming increasingly found in modern office design.

There are many opportunities to add more sustainability to your new office fit-out, whether your business and budget are small or large, forward thinking and incorporating this into your office refurbishment is a positive step forward.

Less plastic

Reducing your use of plastic in the work place is a great place to start in improving your sustainability in the workplace and creating a more environmentally friendly culture amongst employees.

Not only that it will make a huge impact on the carbon footprint your business is leaving behind, so banning single use plastic in your office might seem drastic but isn’t as uncommon as it may sound, many modern offices encourage a reduction if not complete elimination of plastic in the workplace.

Change your lighting

Operating your artificial lighting in a sustainable way can have an instant impact on reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

There are many lighting options that are designed to be much more environmentally friendly, which in turn would reduce the amount of energy use is not only good for the planet but for your business finances too and will save you money over the years to come.

Natural lighting in your best friend when trying to reduce the amount of artificial lighting in your office space, so making sure you optimise the amount of sunlight that can enter your office is essential and has been proven to offer many benefits to your employees wellbeing as well as boosting productivity and motivation.

Recycled furniture

The use of recycled furniture in your office design is another great way to incorporate sustainability as well as saving you money to spend in other areas of your office refurbishment design budget.



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Refurbishing a Small Office


You may feel limited as a business owner as to what you feel can be achieved when it comes to refurbishing a small office space, but as our technology and design potential only increases and we have a better understanding of what is needed for employees to thrive, the possibilities are endless.

We are sharing the small changes you can make that will have a huge impact on your smaller workspace, and can improve the quality of the working environment for your employees.

Upgrading ergonomics

One of the best starting points that will make a big impact on improving your employee’s working experience is upgrading the ergonomics of the furniture you use in the office.

Height-adjustable chairs, desks, laptop stands and footrests are all great options you can look into when you consider upgrading the ergonomics in your small office space.

With so many different options to meet the needs and demands of your workplace, you will see a drastic improvement in productivity and motivation by providing your employees with a much more comfortable environment surrounding them.

Be smart with storage

Being smarter with your office storage solutions will ultimately save you space in your office and when you minimise the amount of physical storage you are using you will improve the amount of space you have.

There are many of ways to reduce the amount of space your storage is taking up by moving your documents online and going paperless as much as you can will help to keep clutter to the bare minimum, and is an extremely cost-effective way to create more space in your smaller space.

Increase ventilation

You may find that your smaller office can become much stuffier and uncomfortable which in turn reduces the productivity and motivation of your employees who could become fatigued by the atmosphere around them, so improving ventilation should be a priority in your office design.

There are lots of different ways to improve the ventilation in your small space, you could add more biophilic elements by adding greenery and plants, which will rid the workplace of toxins.

If you do have a lot of window space, it is highly important to allow as much natural light and fresh air into the office, with natural light offering a number of benefits to the wellbeing of your employees.

Design the office to fit your demands

The beauty of office design is that there is no one size fits all for what is right or wrong, or what will work best for you and your employees, so making sure you prioritise the most important things that need to be addressed to get the best out of your working environment is essential.

Ultimately, creating a space that inspires motivation, productivity and positive wellbeing amongst your employees should be the main goal and you can easily achieve this by understanding and accommodating for the needs and demands of your business, no matter how big or small your workspace is.

Redditch Partitions are experts in getting the very best out of our clients working environments and ensuring we can create a unique office design to support the needs of your employees whilst creating an environment they can thrive in is our biggest goal.

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Reducing Disruption During an Office Refurbishment

Reducing Disruption During an Office Refurbishment

Reducing the disruption to the daily running of your business should be a key factor in how you manage your office refurbishment plans and this can easily be achieved if you plan your fit-out meticulously ahead of the project.

Whilst it is impossible to expect no disruption at all, there are many ways you can avoid prolonged and unnecessary distractions that can affect the quality of your work over the time that your office is being readjusted, but knowing how to plan for what you can control is essential.

We are sharing some of the ways you can reduce disruption to your business when having an office refurbishment.


Minimising the disruption in your office can easily be achieved by keeping the refurb as simple as possible.

Planning is the key to keeping it simple no matter the size of your fit-out and making sure you are prepared for what needs to be done and having a clear timeline of when that will be achieved is extremely important.

You can make installation easier by purchasing furniture and fixtures that are simple and less time-consuming to put together, which will in turn minimise the disruption to your business.


Instead of trying to juggle several different areas at the same time, choose areas specifically when managing your refurb and align all tasks to be carried out in one particular time frame and so on across the entire office space until completion.

Doing so will enable you to close off sections of your office one part at a time, instead of having a huge upheaval that causes the refurbishment to scatter across different areas and cause immediate disruption across your business.


Identifying what you can achieve outside of office hours or reducing the amount of time that you work in the office by splitting the workforce into a combination of office and remote working will help you to get the job done faster and will have a huge impact on minimising the disruption to the running of your business.

Many employees are familiar with remote working at this point following the pandemic, so it won’t be foreign territory to try to reduce the amount of time that they are in the office whilst the refurbishment is taking place and you will be able to get the project done much quicker if the work can be done when the office is closed.


Having a clear plan of the timeline to completion for your office fit-out will help you to develop an even better plan on how your employees will remain able to work to a high quality and your business will be able to continue to function at the standard you expect.

Timing is everything and making sure that you have accounted for every aspect of your refurbishment will help you to establish a time-frame that you can plan for and have a clear idea of how to operate during the refurbishment process.


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Government Incentives To Support Office Refurbishment

Government incentives to support office refurbishment

In the current financial climate, most businesses are looking for ways to gain maximum ROI in their investments and so it’s important to find ways to financially benefit by any means possible. This is especially pertinent if you’re planning an office refurbishment or workplace fit-out in 2022, however, there are a number of Government backed schemes that may be beneficial for your business and worth further exploration.  Below we highlight several such schemes and recommend further reading on the relevant Government websites to see if they may be of assistance to your business.


The Government want to encourage the use of more energy-efficient items, so with that being said they have put together a scheme where you can claim a reduction in tax on your capital allowances, if you purchase low, zero carbon or energy efficient technology for your business.

The items that are included on the ETPL (Energy Technology Product List) that qualify for claim under the current scheme include:

  • Boilers
  • Pipework insulation
  • Lighting and controls
  • Hand air dryers
  • Combined heat and power sources
  • Warm air heaters
  • Solar panels
  • Office chairs and desks
  • Refrigeration units
  • Computer equipment and servers

This particular scheme allows your business to claim back 100% of the cost for the aforementioned list of equipment against taxable profits in the first year.


Another great scheme worth taking advantage of is the SDTB which allows businesses, until 31st March 2023, a 130% first-year capital allowance for the purchase of new equipment, plant and machinery assets.

Ultimately allowing businesses to reduce their tax bill by up to 25 pence on every £1 that has been invested.

These particular allowances are designed to run alongside the ongoing Annual Investment Allowance, which currently allows for a 100% deduction of the purchase price on new plant and machinery assets from taxable profits in the first tax year of purchase.

However there is a catch and unfortunately partnerships and sole traders cannot qualify for this scheme and this also counts for businesses who do not currently pay corporation tax.


Although not a saving initiative initiated by the Government, significant costs can be saved when you recycle more and more with the Landfill Tax Savings.

Currently, the rate for putting your waste into landfill is £69.70 per tonne, and if you are sending large amounts to landfill, this can very quickly add up and cause you huge costs, so by reducing your waste in your office fit out or refurbishment you cannot only help the planet but save much more money to spend on your furnishing budgets.

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Pros And Cons Of Open Plan Office Design

Pros and cons of open plan office design

Open office design is becoming increasingly popular for modern businesses and although there are plenty of benefits in the open plan design, as with anything, there can be some cons too. So, we thought it maybe useful, if you’re planning an office refurbishment or complete office fitout, to consider the following when putting together your office design:


  • Communication barriers broken down – An open plan office is brilliant for inspiring better communication and collaborative working amongst employees and can help you to build a tight knit team who have a mutual understanding of the work ethic and the brand identity in unison whilst they work together and bounce ideas off each other.
  • Flexible layouts – Traditional layouts don’t always use the space available to the best ability and open plan offices can allow you to see the layout much easier, making it much more clearer to build a floor plan that utilises as much space as possible and can offer more flexibility when you want to make changes.
  • Great for tight budgets – Open office plans are generally more economical than traditional layouts which usually involve a number of rooms or closures that doesn’t let the design flow as easily meaning you will usually find that you use a lot more different types of furniture and needs for each individual area.


  • Noise pollution – Open plan office designs are well known for having noise pollution problems if the design is not carefully thought out and can cause a number of distractions in the workplace if you have many people working at once. Noise pollution can create such a negative atmosphere in the office and encourages procrastination, distraction and lack of focus which ultimately leads to low quality work and low productivity.
  • Privacy compromised – Open plan office design can be make a huge compromise on privacy and confidentiality in the workplace, since often in open plan design most employees will share their space they generally won’t have a private area to work in which can be difficult for some employees.
  • Stress inducing atmosphere – With the combination of noise pollution and lack of privacy it can definitely become overwhelming and stressful in an open plan working environment. No employee is the same and working in a collaborative and open environment can actually be detrimental to a more introverted employee, something that will be hard to cater for in a widely open design.

Getting the balance right

Luckily, there is a way to get the balance right with open plan office design and so many options to cater for every need in the office environment, as well as resources to minimise the noise pollution and lack of privacy in the office.

Partition walls are the perfect way to add structure, privacy and reduce noise pollution whilst allowing light to continue to flow freely through the office, especially with glass partitions that are cost effective and create the illusion of continued open plan design throughout the office.

Redditch Partitions have a number of options that can help you keep that open plan theme whilst eliminating the common annoyances that a wide open design can cause.

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Utilising Glass In Your Office Refurbishment

Glass Partitioning Office Refurbishment

When it comes to office refurbishment, one of the initial planning stages will be determining the materials you will use and weighing up the pros and cons for every aspect of the structure you plan to develop.

Adding glass to your office design can offer a number of benefits to the modern office, and with glass being a highly available material, the possibilities are endless in finding what works for your business and your office design.

Creates illusion

Using glass in your office can create the illusion to make it look like the space is bigger and more open, this is because of its transparency.

If you have a smaller office and you’re trying to get the most out of it using glass partitions can be really beneficially to opening up the space you have and creating a more open office, in turn making the space look much bigger than it actually is.


The great thing about glass is that there are so many ways you can personalise it without causing any permanent damage to the material and giving you the freedom to change over time such as adding manifestations to glazed partitioning.

Many businesses like to use frosting, or office logos to give their office design a more personalised and unique look, with many companies offering film and plastics that can go over glass without damaging the glass itself, so you can make changes when and where you feel it appropriate to do so, whilst maintaining the longevity and quality of the glass.

Low maintenance

Glass is low maintenance to look after, and it won’t wear as long as you take good care of it.

Glass is extremely easy to clean and keep clean for longer periods, and won’t be discoloured like many other material options can over time.

Expands natural light

One of the biggest benefits of using glass in your office is how it optimises and expands natural light so it can travel freely throughout your office, allowing everyone to take advantage of the benefits that come with being exposed to as much natural light possible whilst working.

Natural light has been proven to boost mood, wellbeing, positivity, moral, productivity and motivation, so using glass will give you the opportunity to maximise the effects if you use it in the right places in your office refurbishment, as light travels through glass freely.

Cost effective

Thanks to it’s high availability, glass is extremely cost effective especially when you consider it’s longevity when it is well maintained.

If you’re working to a budget, or you want to use materials in your office that are sustainable offering longevity, glass is a no brainer for your material of choice wherever you can find ways to use it through out your re-structure.

If you need more information on office refurbishments, and incorporating glass into your modern office, get in touch.

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Why Your Office Needs A Social Space

Office Refurbishment Social Space

We are spending more time in the office than ever before and as a result, it has become a place many office workers get most of their social interaction during the weekdays, so it is really important to recognise the importance of giving your employees the freedom to express themselves socially as well as professionally, and for good reason.

We’re sharing three reasons why you should consider the inclusion of a social space in your office refurbishment.

Inspiring collaboration

One of the best ways to inspire collaborative working is by providing the space to facilitate it and a social space can definitely accommodate minds coming together for the greater good of their work.

Working in collaborative environments has been proven to be effective and can boost innovation in your employees when they work together to either find solutions or come up with new ideas for campaigns and projects, improving the quality of the work they produce.

Building these spaces should be essential if you want to promote collaborative working but not sure how to approach it, creating spontaneous and creating casual spaces for employees to put their thoughts into flow in a less rigid environment will definitely encourage more collaborative working.

Improving communication

Giving your employees a space to communicate outside of the professional hierarchy often found at desk level will allow people in the office who maybe don’t come into contact during the working day to link up and have a conversation, building relationships across the office to inspire a harmonious working environment and it will ultimately boost employee morale if they are working alongside people who’s company they enjoy.

Creating a social space can inspire unintentional and natural team building by putting in large furnishings that can be occupied by groups of people during their break time, so that more of your employees can join the social environment collectively.

Important rejuvenation and relaxation

Your social space should be a place that employees can relax and rejuvenate away from the pressure and stress that the modern working day can cause, and providing this for your employees will not only benefit them, but also benefit the business, as well rested and happy employees will produce better work, likely to stay loyal to your company and attracts more talent to your business.

Soft furnishings, calming colours and kitchen facilities are all very simple things that you can add to your social space to make it feel like a home from home, so that your social space can provide optimum relaxation and your employees are well rested to return to their work.

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Improving Productivity With An Office Refit

Improving Productivity with an Office Refit

Every business should be making their employee wellbeing a top priority when it comes to planning and executing the right fit out of your office space, making sure you take into consideration the ways you can benefit employees in the long run, retain their talent and provide an environment that is healthy and happy to work in.

We’re sharing ways you can improve productivity with an office fit out…


There are so many factors that will come into the development of your office layout plans, and one of the top focuses should be how you can benefit and increase productivity in the working environment by creating a lay out that works for everyone.

Studies have shown that more open spaces that allow natural light to flow freely throughout offer a more productive workplace, and with that being said, it’s important that you design a layout that incorporates open space and natural light to benefit the business and the wellbeing of your employees.

If you do opt for the open space layout but want to find a way to maintain confidentiality and privacy you can use glass dividers to allow light to still travel through the office with ease, without compromising structure and privacy to certain areas of the office that need it.

Glass dividers come in so many shapes, sizes and designs that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to creating a layout that works uniquely for your business.

Efficient resources and equipment

Efficiency and productivity go hand in hand in the modern office, so making sure you provide your employees with the most efficient resources and equipment to ensure that they can get their tasks done and don’t get stuck with a dodgy printer or a computer that is running slow or not fully functional is key to improving the productivity in the office working environment, and will allow employees to work well without the frustrations and headaches that come from working with equipment that can’t keep up with the increasing demands of your business.

Health and safety

Health and safety has never been more important when it comes to the workplace since we were thrown into a global pandemic almost two years ago, and making sure that your office refit aligns with the health and safety demands that the post-pandemic workplace must adopt to maintain productivity and good health for your employees is absolutely essential.

Many businesses have been playing catch up thanks to covid, so it’s really important that you can keep your employees in good health to ensure the momentum of the office can be maintained, as well as the quality and consistency of daily tasks can function well without an virus outbreak affecting your employees, which could seriously hinder the performance, quality and the ability of your work being achieved to the high standards you would usually expect.

There are many ways to meet the expectations of a covid safe working environment by developing a safe layout or using furnishing to minimise the spread of the virus, and keep your employees in work and able to commit to the demands of your business.

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An Office Refurbishment Can Boost Employee Wellbeing!

An Office Refurbishment Can Boost Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing should be a huge priority for businesses in 2022, especially as working from home guidelines ending, with many returning to the office for the first time in two years. If you are planning an office refurbishment this year, there are many ways you can use the opportunity to boost employee wellbeing within your working environment.

Let there be light

Lighting can make huge impact on employee wellbeing and good lighting can have such a positive effect on your employees during their working day, making it a very easy and underestimated way to easily boost wellbeing.

Prioritising natural lighting can have huge benefits and has been proven time and time again to be one of the best attributes in modern office design when it comes to designing an office that employees want to work in.

If your office is lacking natural light, finding ways to boost it by using glass partitions when creating more confidential spaces, this will allow natural light travel through your office more freely.

Go green

Making more environmentally conscious choices and creating a more ethical space will do wonders for boosting wellbeing in the office, not only that but adding more greenery and natural elements to your office design can be a great addition too.

Office plants and incorporating plants in every area of your office design from desks to breakout areas, can be a fantastic asset to improving employee wellbeing and bringing nature into the office via biophilic design has been praised for it’s ability to boost productivity, positive mindset and motivation.

Inspiring collaborative working

Designing an office that inspires collaborative working is a great way to boost employee wellbeing.

Allowing co-workers to build a sense of community, especially after the pandemic, by encouraging collaborative working and creating spaces to facilitate it will be a great way to improve wellbeing and develop a great working environment for your employees.

Not only does creating these spaces for your employees boost positive wellbeing, collaborative working has been renowned for generating higher quality results and development in work completed.

A breakout space to refresh and revive

Putting a real emphasis on wellbeing in your breakout spaces will help employees return to work after their break feeling motivated, refreshed and inspired.

Many modern offices have developed their breakout areas to create a comfortable space that offers a home from home with soft furnishings, televisions and small team sport facilities like table tennis or pool tables that allow employees to unwind whilst connecting with their co-workers that leads to better community and better wellbeing within your office.


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