Pallet Racking Sacrificial Legs

Pallet Racking Sacrificial Legs

Racking systems inevitably suffer from forklift truck impact and the consequential damage to frames; yet in 90% of cases damage is restricted to the first 1000mm of the upright. It seems logical therefore, to repair only the damaged area rather than having to replace a complete frame. A full frame replacement requires the dismantling of a number of racking bays, which is both a time-consuming and expensive repair. We have the perfect solution for repairing damaged frames with the minimum amount of disruption and cost – the Sacrificial Leg.  The sacrificial leg overcomes the problems caused by damaged frames. Sacrificial leg frames have a splice built into the front upright and the bottom diagonal is reversed. The specially designed leg absorbs any impact to the upright, leaving the rest of the frame undamaged.

a. No need to wait for delivery of a new frame.
b. Legs can be replaced in as little as twenty minutes.
c. Ease of repair encourages operators to deal with damage as and when it occurs.
d. A safer working environment at a manageable cost.

We can design new installations to incorporate Sacrificial Legs. We can inspect existing Pallet Racking installations for damage and, in some cases, Sacrificial Legs can be fitted retrospectively. A column protector is also a viable option.

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