Drive-In / Drive-Through Pallet Racking

Drive-In / Drive-Through Pallet Racking

Drive-in pallet racking is an excellent option if storage capacity is a prime requirement in your warehouse. Drive-In and Drive-Through Pallet Racking differs from conventional APR in the orientation of the pallet. Unit loads are stored in lanes running front-to-back supported on pallet rails. Pallets are supported on beams in APR systems, and are stored left-to-right. Eliminating aisles produces a higher storage density but at the expense of selectivity. The first pallet into a lane will be the last out; however, in many drive-in applications, pallets are received and despatched in batches, so individual pallet selection is not necessarily an issue. Pallets are individually supported so damage from crushing is eliminated. Speed of operation is good with standard forklift trucks driving into the lanes to place and pick pallets. Fitting lead-in rails and guidance rails within the lanes can further increase throughput.

Key Features of Drive – In / Drive – Through Pallet Racking
Floor Space Utilisation – Excellent (approximately 85%)
Speed of Throughput – Good where the loads are the same and the volume is high.
Stock Rotation – Easily achieved with Drive-Through. Stock rotation with Drive-In is available lane by lane.
Selection and Order Picking – Condensed picking face means reduced travel between picks, with Drive-Through providing two picking faces.
Stock Variability – Restricted to one product in each lane.
Safety of Goods –  Excellent. All pallets are individually supported in the rack.
Handling Equipment – Conventional handling equipment can be used but may need minor modification.

We can assure you of the highest standards of design, manufacture and installation. We take time to understand your storage needs and take great care to plan your working environment effectively and to deliver maximum efficiency. One of our experienced Project Engineers will personally manage each contract. Their role is to carry out a detailed site survey, produce layout drawings to help you visualise your new Drive-In pallet racking system and to supervise the installation of your storage equipment.

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