Troax Titan Clean Room Partitioning

Troax Titan Clean Room Partitioning

Troax Titan Clean-room Partitioning is specifically designed for clean-room environments and differs from conventional double skin steel partitioning. Its two-line junction between the panels keeps dust traps to a minimum and its powder coated finish is an ideal surface for clean environments. Reducing the number of joints and ledges, using special flush glazing and fitting coved skirting, reduces dirt and dust traps. Troax Titan Clean-room Partitioning is completely demountable, enabling one panel to be replaced without having to dismantle the whole enclosure. All hardware accessories are supplied in stainless steel as standard due to its excellent ‘clean’ properties.

Details such as flush glazing eliminates ledges and improves the overall appearance. Joints can be silicone sealed to stop air loss and to further reduce particle traps. Magnetic blinds are also available, which are controlled with a portable dial – keeping the panel face free from unnecessary clutter.

Used in conjunction with the correct air handling and HVAC systems, Troax Titan Clean-room Partitioning is ideal for working towards an ISO 14644-1 Class 5 clean-room environment. A pressure-cascade testing result of 30 pascals (30 Pa) could be achieved by installing an effective air handling system, reducing the number of joints and ledges, using special flush glazing and by fitting coved skirting.

Maximum performance is obtained by sealing all joints after installation, including perimeters to glazed apertures. Ceilings are formed from a single-line junction panel with an option for carrying a person’s weight where there might be a need to gain access for maintenance purposes. Troax Titan Clean-room Partitioning is a high quality double skin clean-room partitioning system, although its versatility means it can be used for more than just clean-room applications. For example panels can be multi-tiered or profiled to sub-divide warehouses and factories or used to construction administration offices.

Triglycidylisocyanurate (TGIC) and lead-free polyester powder coatings are available. A distinctive RAL 9010 white, with an average coat thickness of 70 microns is the standard finish. Non-standard and corporate colours are also available upon request. Anti-static/electro dissipative and antimicrobial powder coatings are also offered.

Additional options include extra sound reduction, several different floor details including coved skirting, bull nosed skirting, and stainless steel kick plates.

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