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MF Ceilings

MF Ceilings is a suspended ceiling system suitable for most internal dry lining applications. It is used in all types of commercial and industrial buildings, including institutional areas such as schools and hospitals. MF Ceilings are used to create a flush monolithic finish with the plasterboard lining jointed to form a seamless surface suitable to receive most decorative finishes. They can be constructed either on their own to form a complete ceiling, or combined with a ‘regular’ suspended ceiling to create coffers, bulk heads or curved features.

Access panels, ventilation openings and many different types of lighting, and other services can be accommodated within the void between the MF Ceiling and structural soffit. Down lighters and surface mounted lighting are a popular addition incorporated into MF ceilings to form lighting features.

We can assure you of the highest standards of design, manufacture and installation. We take time to understand your needs and take great care to plan your working environment effectively and to deliver maximum efficiency.  One of our experienced Project Engineers will personally manage each contract. Their role is to carry out a detailed site survey, produce layout drawings to help you visualise your new ceiling layout and to supervise the installation.

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