Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Do you remember when we would simply open a window to let in cool air – those days are long gone. Today’s offices and industrial units are constructed with sealed windows and, where we install secondary offices and enclosures, external windows are not an option.

5 Advantages of installing Air Conditioning.

1. Controlled working conditions

Air conditioning units can be set to produce a flow of cool air at peak times during your office hours that reduces your energy bills and ensures your workspace is at a comfortable temperature every day.

2. Reduce humidity

Air conditioning can help to reduce humidity, ideal for spaces affected by a damp atmosphere. Most units have a ‘dry’ mode setting on them, which means they can reduce humidity without making the room too cold.

3. Convenient and energy efficient

Air conditioning units are quieter than conventional tabletop fans; they operate silently to reduce noise pollution. Modern air conditioning units can provide immediate cooling or heating with the touch of a button – making it far more convenient, energy efficient and cost effective than conventional central heating.

4. Improved working environment

External doors and windows can remained closed when you have installed an air conditioning unit. External noise pollution is reduced or eliminated, and smells and insects are kept at bay. Building security will also improve – particularly if your office is on a ground floor, no more leaving windows open and risking a break in. Air purification is another benefit of having air conditioning in your office. Most modern units are equipped with an anti-fungus filter that can capture smoke particles, odours and allergy-causing mites.

5. Heating

With an auto changeover switch, an air conditioning unit can produce warm air. The heating capability of modern systems is obtained using highly energy-efficient heat-pump technology. These consume up to 80% less power than any other electric heating (portable heaters, radiators, under floor heating etc.).

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