Access Platforms

Access Platforms

Access Mezzanine Floors, Walkways or Platforms providing access to machinery. An access mezzanine floor, in the form of a narrow walkway or platform, provides safe access to machinery and high-level equipment. A REDDIMEZZ access mezzanine floor will provide safe and easy access when a large piece of machinery or a manufacturing line needs regular maintenance, servicing or adjustment. An access mezzanine floor has a major advantage over mobile platforms.

The area below the walkway can be used for other processes, storage or providing access to two levels at the same time. Mobile platforms require clear access at all times thereby wasting valuable space.

We provide a complete design and installation service including staircases, hand-railing, cladding, lighting, heating, air conditioning, electrical works. Adequate fire protection and means of escape is a legal requirement with installations of this type. When we design your REDDIMEZZ access mezzanine floor, we comply with all relevant Building Regulations, British Standards and appropriate Fire Regulations.

One of our experienced Project Engineers will manage your contract. Their role is to carry out a detailed site survey, produce structural drawings and to supervise the manufacture and installation of your mezzanine walkway. We will also apply, on your behalf, for Local Authority Building Regulations approval.

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