Four Office Fit Out Mistakes You Should Avoid

Four Office Fit Out Mistakes You Should Avoid

When it comes to office fit outs and refurbishments there is a lot of things to consider, and you will easily make mistakes and learn lessons along the way. The biggest mistake you can make when setting up an office fit out or refurbishment is seeing the project as an expense instead of a long term investment that will benefit the business and employees in the long term, having such a positive impact on the future growth of your brand and business. We’re sharing our four office fit out mistakes that you should avoid.

Unrealistic Budgeting

Being unrealistic with your budget can cost you on many occasions during your office fit out. You need to understand that being realistic with a comprehensive budget will ultimately save you money when it comes to minimising last minute issues and other unforeseen issues you could come across. We really recommend seeking professional advice when setting budgets and committing financially to a project of this size.

Failing To Plan

Planning is the very first stage of your office refurbishment and is probably the most crucial point to avoid error. The first mistake you can make in office refurbishment is failing to plan thoroughly and giving the needed amount of time to the planning process. Without an effective planning strategy you will find that the whole process takes a lot longer and you could find it affects your costs, making you unable to stick to your budget.

Ignore New Trends

Office design trends are ever changing and if you are not in a position to refit your office space every year, we really don’t recommend basing your office design plans on a trending design option. Keeping in mind that your business is unique and you should follow the design that suits your brand and how you want your office environment to represent your business. Modern work spaces are all about creating the right environment to suit the needs of your employees and making their experience in the workplace a positive and productive place to be.

Poor Layouts

This ties in with planning, but a poorly planned layout is going to have repercussions and could mean a lot of money needs to be reinvested to get it right the second time around. Making sure you thoroughly and strategically layout your office to benefit your employees is essential to making your office refurbishment a success and a worthwhile investment.

Making sure the office layout is offering key elements needed for a thriving working environment is imperative. For example, ensuring that natural light is maximised is essential to creating a happy, productive and motivated workplace for your employees.

At Redditch Partitions & Storage we pride ourselves on being a ‘one-stop shop’ for a complete range of office refurbishment and workplace fit-out services that are available to our clients as standalone services or as full turnkey solutions to transform an existing, or fitout a new, workspace to fulfil the needs and requirements of the client’s business.