Finding Practical Office Partitioning for Your Workplace

It can be daunting when you are trying to envision piecing your office design together and working on what will go where. Office partitions are a great way to integrate some structure into your office refurbishment plan, to help you put everything together in the right place, and to make the office flow seamlessly.

So, h0w do you find the practicality in using office partitions?


Identifying your key areas of business that will take place in the office is a great place to start when it comes to implementing partitions into your office design.

Dividing your office up into departments and adding partitions in to compliment that structure you desire to work with, is one of the best ways to get the best out of your partitions. You will find that creating areas of business in your office offers a much more productive and focused environment for your employees.


Knowing how much space each area or department of business needs in your office will help you determine how many partitions you need. Spacing should be considered to benefit and suit the needs of the number employees working in each area, so that they can thrive and work efficiently without being boxed in.

It isn’t just spacing when it comes to employees having enough personal space in their department, but you will need to account for storage, and how that will fit into your office design. Some areas will require less storage spaces than others so making sure you accurately lay out the storage space too, is essential to create practical and efficient working space that can be balanced with partitions.


To best way to determine the best practical partitioning for your office design is to be realistic about what you need vs what you want. Maximising your space and environment is essential, and considering everything from natural light to spaces that require more privacy is imperative to getting the partition structure right in your office space.

Compromising on the aesthetics to an extent, to make sure you have a good structure for your office environment and suck everything out of the benefits of using partition is all part of the development, and in some cases you won’t need to compromise, if you are realistic about what you can achieve with the space given.


  • The material of your office partitions, creating an environment that is dark and devoid of natural light is a big no. Natural light should be one of the highest priorities to maximise.
  • Make sure you work to a budget, but don’t compromise on the quality of your partitions as this could ultimately cost you a fortune in the long run.
  • Remember to maximise the aesthetics benefits of partitions, we recommend glass partitions to enhance the appearance of your office and to create a eye pleasing environment for your employees.