Reducing Disruption During an Office Refurbishment

Reducing Disruption During an Office Refurbishment

Reducing the disruption to the daily running of your business should be a key factor in how you manage your office refurbishment plans and this can easily be achieved if you plan your fit-out meticulously ahead of the project.

Whilst it is impossible to expect no disruption at all, there are many ways you can avoid prolonged and unnecessary distractions that can affect the quality of your work over the time that your office is being readjusted, but knowing how to plan for what you can control is essential.

We are sharing some of the ways you can reduce disruption to your business when having an office refurbishment.


Minimising the disruption in your office can easily be achieved by keeping the refurb as simple as possible.

Planning is the key to keeping it simple no matter the size of your fit-out and making sure you are prepared for what needs to be done and having a clear timeline of when that will be achieved is extremely important.

You can make installation easier by purchasing furniture and fixtures that are simple and less time-consuming to put together, which will in turn minimise the disruption to your business.


Instead of trying to juggle several different areas at the same time, choose areas specifically when managing your refurb and align all tasks to be carried out in one particular time frame and so on across the entire office space until completion.

Doing so will enable you to close off sections of your office one part at a time, instead of having a huge upheaval that causes the refurbishment to scatter across different areas and cause immediate disruption across your business.


Identifying what you can achieve outside of office hours or reducing the amount of time that you work in the office by splitting the workforce into a combination of office and remote working will help you to get the job done faster and will have a huge impact on minimising the disruption to the running of your business.

Many employees are familiar with remote working at this point following the pandemic, so it won’t be foreign territory to try to reduce the amount of time that they are in the office whilst the refurbishment is taking place and you will be able to get the project done much quicker if the work can be done when the office is closed.


Having a clear plan of the timeline to completion for your office fit-out will help you to develop an even better plan on how your employees will remain able to work to a high quality and your business will be able to continue to function at the standard you expect.

Timing is everything and making sure that you have accounted for every aspect of your refurbishment will help you to establish a time-frame that you can plan for and have a clear idea of how to operate during the refurbishment process.