Incorporating Sustainability into Office Design

Incorporating Sustainability into Office Design

Incorporating sustainability into your office design is a popular option that is something we have seen more and more of in 2022, and can be massively beneficial to your company.

Many businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious and even more so conscious of the footprint their company leaves behind, and for that reason sustainability in the workplace is becoming increasingly found in modern office design.

There are many opportunities to add more sustainability to your new office fit-out, whether your business and budget are small or large, forward thinking and incorporating this into your office refurbishment is a positive step forward.

Less plastic

Reducing your use of plastic in the work place is a great place to start in improving your sustainability in the workplace and creating a more environmentally friendly culture amongst employees.

Not only that it will make a huge impact on the carbon footprint your business is leaving behind, so banning single use plastic in your office might seem drastic but isn’t as uncommon as it may sound, many modern offices encourage a reduction if not complete elimination of plastic in the workplace.

Change your lighting

Operating your artificial lighting in a sustainable way can have an instant impact on reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

There are many lighting options that are designed to be much more environmentally friendly, which in turn would reduce the amount of energy use is not only good for the planet but for your business finances too and will save you money over the years to come.

Natural lighting in your best friend when trying to reduce the amount of artificial lighting in your office space, so making sure you optimise the amount of sunlight that can enter your office is essential and has been proven to offer many benefits to your employees wellbeing as well as boosting productivity and motivation.

Recycled furniture

The use of recycled furniture in your office design is another great way to incorporate sustainability as well as saving you money to spend in other areas of your office refurbishment design budget.