Costing Your Office Partitioning Project

Costing Your Office Partitioning Project

There are many budget considerations to take into consideration when it comes to office design, and finding ways to maximise ROI when budgets are squeezed is always a priority. However, quality of materials and workmanship should never be compromised and can, in the long run, provide for a greater return on investment than simply selecting the lowest quote.

Using partitions in your office design will take meticulous planning and needs a lot of time invested into both the design and installation, although financial budgets may be tight, it’s worth considering how much of your time will need to be invested into the project and how much time you can dedicate to it, if you don’t feel that you can put in the right amount of time needed to successfully design and install the partitions to the standards that you want, then it’s time to contact the professionals.

A professional office fitout company will have the multi-disciplinary skills within their team to fully plan the project and will have expertise in such areas as space planning, selecting the right materials/type of partitioning needed to meet your requirements and will have experience in minimising disruption to client workplaces during the undertaking of works.

Another element you will need to consider is the quality of the materials you are using for your partitions. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve in your workplace, glazed partitioning is a popular office partition choice, so even after you find a high quality material, you will need to decide on whether to have glazed, double glazed, framed, frameless, frosted and more. Again, all these factors will need to be considered in your initial plans to get moving forward with your design and a professional office fitout company should take you through all of the available options and assist you in arriving at a decision that will serve your purpose.

Professionals will also make use of the highest quality equipment to ensure your office partitions are fitted to perfection and also carry experience of fitting partitions which also benefits the longevity and the quality of the fit, something else that is again worth considering when you weigh up your options.

There are so many factors that will need to be looked at when you are developing your office design strategy and planning for how you’re going to create the design you want. If saving money is your highest priority then we would still recommend researching office refurbishment companies and, when you obtain your quotes, research previous projects undertaken by each company and look at the breadth of works they undertake to ensure you are selecting the right company for the right reasons. In many instances, cheap quotes are cheap for a reason and whilst they may initially save you money, the lifespan of the office partitioning installed, or ongoing maintenance costs, may mean your costs are significantly more in the long run.

If you do decide to go down the professional fitting route, Redditch Partitions & Storage can assist you every step of the way with a comprehensive service from design, and  sourcing your partitions, to installing them into your office space seamlessly, with a team of experts on hand every step of the way.