Can Office Partitions Reduce Office Noise Pollution?

Partitions are a great addition to open plan offices for so many reasons, but are most popularly used to separate work spaces, by creating a more dynamic working environment whilst keeping costs down.

But whilst they can create a more streamlined and organised office, can they also help to decrease noise pollution in the office?

Modern offices have a habit of being over populated, busy and very loud when the working day is in full swing. High noise pollution in the office has been proven time and time again to cause lack of productivity, distracted employees, lower quality of performances and work completed.

Excessive noise will force employees to keep their phones at a higher volume and speak louder to be audible when on a call, their need for speaking louder creates a domino effect across the office encouraging everybody else to work at that volume, and it can get really out of hand when not addressed efficiently.

For all of these reasons, to have a high functioning and focused set of employees you need to tackle the noise pollution by finding ways to reduce and even eliminate the very distracting noises of the everyday office.


Installing partitions into your office can have a huge impact on reducing noise pollution in your open plan space, in many ways. For a start, partitions can be used to break up your office into areas where people can work in much more structured surroundings, that you can allocate to certain employees so they are not shouting across the office to communicate with their colleagues.

Another way partitions can reduce noise pollution, is by using them to structure better acoustics in an open plan office. There is a science to partitioning to impact noise travelled across the space, and experienced office designers will easily be able to use partitions to create a quieter space.

The benefits of partitioning in open plan offices are endless, but if you are looking to noise specifically, there is nothing more cost effective and flexible than using partitioning, with a wide range available. Depending on the level of noise you are trying to tackle there are several different options, from the very popular glass partitioning to double glazed partitioning that can be used to eliminate noise pollution completely.

Noise pollution can cause many problems in your office and finding ways to improve noisy working environment should be a priority during redesigns and office refurbishments. You will see such a positive effect on the working environment and atmosphere when you prioritise creating a focused and distraction free office.