Metal Stud Partitioning

Metal Stud Partitioning

Sub-dividing your open office area or creating your new office has never been easier. Using a Metal Stud Partitioning System – a metal framework to which plasterboard is secured – it is simple to create a non-load bearing dividing wall, enclosure or wall lining. This is a muchquicker method of installation than using a timber alternative and thus a cost-effective alternative.

Metal Stud Partitioning uprights locate into floor and ceiling tracks. Uprights and tracks are formed from 146mm sections. Both sides of the studwork are clad with plasterboard. Adding insulation material within the partition void, will improve the level of soundproofing. Finally, the plasterboard is taped, skimmed and painted or a decorative covering is bonded to the finished surface. A number of factors will be considered to determine the composition of the partition; the level of fire resistance, sound reduction, moisture resistance and durability will establish what thickness of studding needs to be used and whether any additional insulation is necessary. Furthermore, the height to which the internal wall needs to be built will affect the choice of upright section. The combination of all these variables will determine the exact specification of your partition.

We can assure you of the highest standards of design, manufacture and installation. We take time to understand your needs and take great care to plan your working environment effectively and to deliver maximum efficiency.  One of our experienced Project Engineers will personally manage each contract. Their role is to carry out a detailed site survey, produce layout drawings to help you visualise your partitioning layout and to supervise installation.

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