Why Your Office Needs A Social Space

Office Refurbishment Social Space

We are spending more time in the office than ever before and as a result, it has become a place many office workers get most of their social interaction during the weekdays, so it is really important to recognise the importance of giving your employees the freedom to express themselves socially as well as professionally, and for good reason.

We’re sharing three reasons why you should consider the inclusion of a social space in your office refurbishment.

Inspiring collaboration

One of the best ways to inspire collaborative working is by providing the space to facilitate it and a social space can definitely accommodate minds coming together for the greater good of their work.

Working in collaborative environments has been proven to be effective and can boost innovation in your employees when they work together to either find solutions or come up with new ideas for campaigns and projects, improving the quality of the work they produce.

Building these spaces should be essential if you want to promote collaborative working but not sure how to approach it, creating spontaneous and creating casual spaces for employees to put their thoughts into flow in a less rigid environment will definitely encourage more collaborative working.

Improving communication

Giving your employees a space to communicate outside of the professional hierarchy often found at desk level will allow people in the office who maybe don’t come into contact during the working day to link up and have a conversation, building relationships across the office to inspire a harmonious working environment and it will ultimately boost employee morale if they are working alongside people who’s company they enjoy.

Creating a social space can inspire unintentional and natural team building by putting in large furnishings that can be occupied by groups of people during their break time, so that more of your employees can join the social environment collectively.

Important rejuvenation and relaxation

Your social space should be a place that employees can relax and rejuvenate away from the pressure and stress that the modern working day can cause, and providing this for your employees will not only benefit them, but also benefit the business, as well rested and happy employees will produce better work, likely to stay loyal to your company and attracts more talent to your business.

Soft furnishings, calming colours and kitchen facilities are all very simple things that you can add to your social space to make it feel like a home from home, so that your social space can provide optimum relaxation and your employees are well rested to return to their work.