Utilising Glass Partitioning In the Workplace

glass partitioning in the office

Glass partitioning (silicon glazed partitioning) is one of the most popular ways to create, shift and develop the design and demand of your busy office. They offer a cost effective, stylish and secure solution for any workspace.

Building a space that is flexible enough to keep up with the ever changing and developing demands of a busy office can be challenging for any business of any size. Meeting the needs of your clients and employees is a priority to maximise productivity and high quality work, which means finding ways to create a great space for everybody to work and collaborate in harmony is essential.

Rapid reconstruction to meet demands…

As touched on above, the demands of a busy office can be diverse and all business owners should be prepared for that. One of the most important benefits to note about glass partitions, is their flexibility when it comes to reconstruction. Portable partitions allow you to recreate and design spaces to suit the needs of your office, as many times as you like. A space compromised of small individual working spaces, can easily be transformed into one big meeting space with very simple and rapid reconstruction.

Better acoustics…

Modern, open plan workspaces usually find a very common problem with noise pollution in the office. Unlike other modular partitioning solutions, glass partitioning is particularly fantastic at improving acoustics and reducing excessive noise when used in these open plan, airy office without compromising the original design.

If you are looking to significantly reduce excessive noise in your office, half height glass partitions can make a huge difference to this issue.

Allowing more natural light in…

Natural light has been proven time and time again to be highly beneficial to employees and the environment around them. Natural light alone is said increase productivity and wellbeing as well as reducing sick days, so maximising natural light should be at the top of your office design plans.

Glass partitioning can help you to penetrate natural light and spread it across your open plan office from even the gloomiest windows. Many businesses utilise glass partitioning to maximise natural light and allow it to run freely through the office, meaning that everybody can be exposed to the ‘good stuff’!

Branding canvas …

Glass partitioning also has great aesthetic flexibility. With the application of manifestations to the glazing, company branding, logos, or bespoke artowrk can be applied to blend with the décor of the office space or to provide an additional canvas for graphics nad patterning. the manifestations can be semi-transparent so that your workspace will get the benefit of the aesthetic without compromising on the distribution of light whilst maintaining the feel of the office being an expansive physical environment.


At Redditch Partitions & Storage, we know every single office space is unique, which is why we can advise you on the best glass partitioning for your particular space, and optimise your experience to maximise the benefits of having them added into your current office design. Contact us to discuss your requirements on 01527 517 055.