Framed VS Frameless Partitions In Your Office

Framed VS Frameless Partitions In Your Office

There are a wide range of office partitioning options available, in different shapes, sizes and styling. Your partitions of choice will ultimately come down to the unique needs of your office design, so it is important to consider all factors.

Frameless office partitioning is a popular choice in the modern office and offers a strong aesthetic, however it is important to consider all options and benefits of both frameless and framed partitions to make an informed decision when considering an office refurbishment.

Your choice will be based generally on aesthetics, durability, noise control, cost & heat retention.

Framed Office Partitions

Framed partitions can come in both single and double glazed options, although single glazed partitions have been the most popular option for many years, double glazed partitions are starting to grow in popularity. Framed office partitions are often more durable and offer better flexibility if you plan to reshuffle your office design often. They are also usually cheaper and more affordable for businesses who are on a tighter budget.

Double glazed framed office partitions offer great heat retention and noise control.

Frameless Office Partitions

Frameless office partitions are the most popular option out of the two, due to being deemed more aesthetically pleasing when creating the shell of your office design and fit in much easier when adapting office design or rebranding. These partitions create a contemporary and professional design that will definitely add value to your office.

Frameless office partitions also allow for more natural light to travel through them which has no ends of benefits for your employees and keeping your office full of natural light, creating a better working environment.

There are so many design options for frameless office partitions too, with the option to create sliding doors and demountable walls, perfect for creating a better flowing office environment.

Whether you decide to go for framed or frameless office partitions, you are sure to add value and create a better working environment for your employees in your office space. You need to really consider what the most important priorities for your partitions, is it noise control? is it purely for aesthetic purposes? or do you need to do it on a budget? Luckily, there is something for every need when it comes to office partitions, and Redditch Partitions can help you make that decision with a wide range on offer and years of experience to help point your business in the right direction.