Four considerations ahead of your office refurbishment

If you are in the process of planning a refurbishment of your office space it can be an extremely exciting time for your business and employees.

An office refurbishment should not be done on half measures – careful planning and considerations must be taken in the process of bringing your dream office to life in the most efficient and high quality manner.

It can be overwhelming to not only plan the structure of your office design but to also deal with everything that comes with a refurbishment including investment, contractor selection and timescales.

We’re sharing some of the considerations you will need to make ahead of your office refurbishment going ahead…

What are the weaknesses of your current space?

The first thing you should be considering when you are in the process of planning an office refurbishment is the elements of your space that you are looking to improve.

You can gather a general idea of what is the common consensus from employees who work in the office daily and take note of the struggles or irritants they face in their current set-up.

This will help you to build on your ideas and create a working environment that improves the productivity and motivation of employees, addressing the weaknesses of your office design will only increase employee satisfaction and ultimately, make their working day more productive.

What office furniture do you need?

Considering what path to take on office furniture will be important and help you budget better when it comes to committing finances to the refurbishment.

Maybe you want to keep some of the current furniture, upcycle and redesign your furniture or completely scrap the lot and start a fresh by upgrading to new furniture.

If you do opt to purchase all new furniture, it’s important to scale up just how many of each piece you will need and whether it will fit into the vision of your new office design.

When is the best time for your business to refurbish?

It’s all well and good having a watertight set of design plans if your business cannot commit the time to allow a full-scale refurbishment to unfold in the office.

Luckily, post-pandemic many companies would have already made it possible for their employees to work remotely, so this could be a viable option to maintain the level of work that needs to be completed without large disruption.

If you do not have the facilities for your employees to work away from the office then you will need to carefully map out how you can refurbish around the daily runnings of your business to minimise distraction.

Breaking down your office design plans and designating dates for each area can help you to ensure the office can remain open and safe for employees to work in.

Choosing a office fit-out company

Probably the most important consideration you need to make ahead of your office refurbishment going ahead is choosing the right fit-out company to work with your business and bring to life all of your ideas.

Carefully researching your options and getting quotes from a number of different fit-out companies can help you to come to an educated decision to work with only the best contractors, as well as giving you an average pricing guideline and timescale too.