Finding The Ideal Office Partitions For Your Business

Choosing office partitioning

There are so many ways to utilise office partitions, and every single office will have a different need and different vision for their partitions in mind.

Partitions are commonplace in rented office space which is becoming a more and more popular option for modern business as growth can be fast during successful periods, and renting gives the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade your space quickly. The rise in renting office space has gone hand in hand with the rise in the use of office partitions, thanks to the flexibility and versatility that partitioning brings to ever changing and developing office design.

From maximising space to creating different working environments, we are taking a look at how you can find the ideal office partitions for your business.

What are your business and office environment needs?

Before you even look at the styles of partitions to purchase, you need to establish what you are hoping to achieve from your partitions. There are so many ways that partitions can benefit the functionality and the quality of an office design and the working environment, so it’s important to pinpoint what it is that your business needs to achieve or what your office design is lacking. Privacy and confidentiality in the workplace is a common reason for partitions in the workplace for example.

What’s your budget?

Establishing a budget when redesigning your office is essential, and using partitions can usually be a cheaper alternative than full permanent remodelling of your office space. Partitions will obviously range in price and knowing your budget from the get go will help you to achieve your goals easier, making the buying process and design plan much easier to manage too. Partitions come in so many different shapes, sizes and materials from glass to plastic, there is something for every budget.

The design of your partitions

As well as deciding on a shape, material and size, you will need to figure out how you want your partitions to look aesthetically. If you’re creating more private spaces, have you looked into how you can achieve privacy without completely blocking out the rest of the office? There are so many options, especially with glass partitions that allow you to keep natural light but with frosting or branding design on the partitions, you can achieve a more private space without cutting the office environment completely.

The aesthetics of an office are extremely important, and should flow throughout, so consideration into how you can make your partitions part of the office without becoming an eye sore is essential and actually easier to achieve than you may think.


At Redditch Partitions & Storage we offer a complete range of unique and tailor made designs to make sure the partitioning we supple and install¬† fit seamlessly into the aesthetics of your office. Checkout the range of office partitioning systems we offer and don’t hesitate to contact us on to discuss your requirements.