Westlands Hyundai - Worcester.

Car showrooms are, by their very nature, designed to showcase the product for sale - a range of shiny, desirable cars. So the environment needs to complement the product but not draw attention away from the star attraction.

The owners at Westlands Hyundai in Hallow near Worcester commissioned The Redditch Partitions & Storage Co. Ltd. to design, manufacture and install a glass partition office onto an existing mezzanine floor. To conform to Building Regulations, a dual-band, standard manifestation was applied to the glass office panels. These took the form of a geometric pattern designed to alert pedestrians to the presence of a glass structure.

The open edge of the mezzanine floor was fitted with a stylish stainless steel and toughened glass balustrade.

The remaining showroom ceiling was fitted with a suspended ceiling.

Westlands Hyundai pride themselves on their products and the high level of customer service which is reflected in the Redditch Partitions & Storage Co. Ltd's ethos and commitment to safety, integrity and product quality.

The Redditch Partitions & Storage Co. Ltd. is a Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Distributor Company and have been continuously awarded ‘Accredited Contractor’ status with safecontractor since 2007.

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