Wacker Neuson - Stafford.

Wacker Neuson is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality construction equipment and compact construction machines.

The company’s range of services and products appeals to professional end users in the construction, gardening & landscaping and agricultural industries, as well as local authorities and industrial companies including the recycling industry.

Specific design criteria provided by the client’s consultant engineer, with reference to the design of the concrete slab, influenced our proposal. This information revealed very specific permissible vertical forces for axial loads for both the pallet racking and mezzanine floor design.

The contract comprised:-

  • A Mezzanine Floor - Supply, deliver & install a 356 m2, free-standing floor with a load capacity of 4.8Kn/m2 and accessed by a steel staircase and pallet safety gate.
  • Building Regulation Application - The statutory application was made on behalf of the client.
  • Fire Protection - The underside & columns were enclosed to provide a one-hour fire protection.
  • Pallet Racking - Supply & install 6 metre high racking with 3 beam levels to accommodate 1044 pallets.
  • External Cantilever Racking - Supply & install free-standing, galvanised racks with adjustable arms.
  • Vertical Storage Rack - Supply & install free-standing racks to store 5 metre long aluminium sections.
  • Short-Span Shelving - Supply & install 300mm & 600mm deep, adjustable steel shelving.
  • Widespan Shelving - Supply & install widespan shelving to store tubular sections.
  • Plastic Trays & Bins - Supply plastic trays & bins used in conjunction with the short-span shelving.
  • Packing & Work Benches

Andy Williams, Operations Manager with Wacker Neuson, commented, “We chose The Redditch Partitions & Storage Co. Ltd., because they were able to design, supply and install the best storage products. We were confident that they would fulfil the contract to supply exactly what was quoted, on time and within budget. They kept their promises and exceeded our expectations”.   

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