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Moulded from shock proof plastic, these bins are ideal for heavy duty industrial applications. The quality and ergonomic design means your plastic bins can be stacked securely or hung on louvre panels or rails.

They are available in blue, red or yellow and have a large identification area and a large open picking face, meaning the contents are easily identified and picked.

With 8 sizes to choose from plus a range of wall fixed louvre panels, single and double sided frames, mobile trolleys and shelving bays, there will be a storage solution to suit your business and your budget.

Code Dimensions
W x D x H
Colour Options LP Value
W x H
ARTB05 106mm x 106mm x 49mm Red,Blue,Yellow 1.5 x 2 (3)
ARTB10 106mm x 136mm x 76mm Red,Blue,Yellow,Grey 1.5 x 2 (3)
ARTB20 106mm x 187mm x 76mm Red,Blue,Yellow,Grey 1.5 x 2 (3)
ARTB25 140mm x 205mm x 127mm Red,Blue,Yellow,Grey 2 x 3 (6)
ARTB30 140mm x 274mm x 127mm Red,Blue,Yellow,Grey 2 x 3 (6)
ARTB40 210mm x 375mm x 179mm Red,Blue,Yellow,Grey 3 x 4 (12)
ARTB50 280mm x 457mm x 254mm Red,Blue,Yellow,Grey 4 x 6 (24)
ARTB60 415mm x 375mm x 179mm Blue 6 x 4 (24)
ARTB70 415mm x 460mm x 292mm Blue 6 x 6 (36)

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