Sign Devil - Bromsgrove

Sign Devil, as their name suggests, is a design and manufacturing company producing bespoke commercial signage. The company’s production facility is an industrial unit in Bromsgrove where we had, on a previous occasion, installed a mezzanine floor and fire protection. The industrial unit’s roof comprises metal panels with roof lights and light fittings, so a mix of natural light and fluorescent light.

Natural light can be a positive for a graphic based business but has one major disadvantage, lighting levels and quality can vary with changing external weather conditions. In addition, the heat loss through the roof meant the area was cold and heating costs were high.

The Redditch Partitions & Storage Co. Ltd. were invited to install a new suspended ceiling to completely enclose the roof area and to accommodate the existing air conditioning unit. A new A/c unit was installed along with natural light, LED light fittings.  The suspended ceiling was installed with the collaboration of the client, as some of the existing machinery and work tables could not be moved due to their size.

The client now benefits from a consistent level of lighting, a warm and air-conditioned working environment and a reduction in heating costs. The heat that is produced is kept within the building and not lost through inefficient roof panels.

David Jack, Sign Devil’s Managing Director commented, “We have worked with The Redditch Partitions & Storage Co. Ltd. and we consider them to be a valuable partner in our business”.

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