Redirack Authorised Partner

The Redditch Partitions & Storage Co. Ltd. is one of only a few authorised Redirack partners who will be able to continue to supply Redirack pallet racking systems in the UK. The original Redirack pallet racking design, first introduced in 1973, was based on a welded frame principal and whilst this option will still be available, there will now be the preferred design and more competitively priced bolted frame assembly.
The new frame and beam configuration will meet the Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association’s (SEMA) Code of Practice for the Design of Adjustable Pallet Racking. Whilst the frame profile will be slightly different from the original, the frame and beam components will be fully compatible with existing pallet racking installations.
The new standard finish will be a galvanised frame and painted orange beams. The traditional orange post with galvanised bracing and orange beam option will still be available but will attract a price premium.
Product Development:
Redirack is committed to continuous product development. There are and will be certain design improvements and a rationalisation of beam and frame sizes and component specifications. For the vast majority of installations supplied between 1973 and 2014 we would be able to offer appropriate replacement frames and beams.
Your Guarantee of Quality:
In addition to our authorised Redirack partnership appointment, we are one of less than 30 SEMA Distributor Companies (SDC) throughout the country. The SDC qualification indicates that the company is dedicated to the supply of quality storage equipment. To become part of the SEMA Distributor Group (SDG) the distributor must demonstrate a high level of commitment to safety standards, work to industry codes of practice and be assessed by an independent audit. Every Member of SEMA has achieved or is committed to achieving certification to BS EN ISO 9000 with a Quality Assessment Schedule (QAS 2000) dealing with the specific requirements of design, manufacture and installation of the principal products supplied by the members of the association. We actively promote the ethos and importance that SEMA places on health & safety.
In addition to the Redirack products, we continue to offer a full industrial and commercial turnkey facility including layout design, specification, installation and a guarantee of product performance.
We would welcome the opportunity of reviewing your existing pallet racking, whether it is a Redirack installation or a facility produced by another leading racking manufacturer. We are confident that we will be able to offer you the best solution to your warehouse/storage requirements and we guarantee that we will supply only new quality equipment. To ensure you are buying with confidence you should always ask to see the SDG audit certificate when purchasing your storage systems.